96. How To Sell A House Without Spending A Dime in Abington PA

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We Buy Houses in Abington PA. Sometimes the costs when selling a property can really add up. Once you factor everything in, a traditional sale with an Abington real estate agent may not be worth it. We are homebuyers in  Abington Pennsylvania and in our latest post, you can learn how to sell a house without spending any money in Abington PA.

As a homeowner, you probably already thought about what selling a property mean to you. However, many homeowners avoid selling because they are worried about the costs, wasted time, or hurdles they will face when working with an agent. And most of them are right. Before we discuss how to sell a house without spending a dime in Abington PA, let’s first take a look at some of the costs house sellers may face when working with a Long Beach real estate agent.

Typical House Selling Costs In Abington PA

Repair Your Home In Pennsylvania

Repair Your Home In Abington PennsylvaniaBefore a property goes on the market in Abington, there will likely be some fixing that will need to be made to the property before selling. Even the cost of small home repairs can add up quickly once you break it all down. Repairing walls and fixing leaky pipes can all lead to more repairs and more money out the door. Make repairs wisely and be sure to properly disclose anything you don’t plan to fix. You should also consider repair requests that may be made after the potential buyer has completed their inspection phase. Also bear in mind that the mortgage company will require an appraisal to be made to your house before they can approve the mortgage amount, and sometimes a low appraisal means that you will need to repair some stuff around your house.

Upgrades On Your PA House

Often times, homeowners will make upgrades to their property in order to keep it competitive with other properties on the market. While some upgrades can add value, there aren’t any guarantees. Some upgrades don’t add enough value to the property to be worth it, meaning they will cost much more than what the upgrade is worth in terms of added value to the house.

Marketing Your Abington Property

Marketing Your Abington PA PropertyMarketing can include many things including professional photography, drone services, premium listing placement, listings outside of what your agent provides, print materials, and much more. While some things are included in a typical listing agreement, others are not. To sell the property as quickly as possible, you may find yourself shelling out a little extra to make sure your property gets seen. Just make sure the things you are spending money on upfront make sense in the long run.

Listing + Agent Fees In Abington Pennsylvania

While some agents are full service, never charging you a dime aside from commission… others are not. You may find yourself looking at separate fees for administrative costs, marketing expenses, or open house fees. Most agents won’t require to be reimbursed for these things, however, if you are looking for the top of the line services, you may find yourself paying a bit extra.

Commissions For Your Property In Abington PA

The agent commissions will amount to about 6% of the final sale price on average. This is a hefty amount to part with, so if you decide to list, make sure your agent is worth their fee! In some cases, you will be able to negotiate the commission rate or find an agent who offers limited service for a flat fee.

Closing Costs In PA

Closing costs cover things such as title searches, surveys, and loan payoffs. While buyers will pay the majority of the closing costs a seller can expect to pay anywhere from 1-3% of the final sale price in closing costs. When you work with a professional buyer such as Quick Cash Philly to sell your home, the closing costs can be avoided.

Holding Costs In Pennsylvania

Holding Costs In Abington PennsylvaniaPlain and simple, it costs money to own a property. If the property is on the market for a while, you could be looking at a small fortune spent on things such as utility bills, homeowners insurance, property taxes, maintenance, landscaping, and a mortgage if applicable. When you sell your property quickly, it can equate to thousands in savings for things you would otherwise be spending money on if your property is sitting on the MLS.

How To Sell Your Property in Abington PA

Selling Your Pennsylvania House As-Is

Selling your house as-is will save you a fortune as long as you are able to get the property in front of the right property buyers in Abington PA. Focus on showing the home’s potential, even including a cost analysis showing an estimate of what the improvements will cost. You’ll want to make sure investors and cash buyers.

List Your House In Abington Pennsylvania

A successful listing will require many of the selling costs listed above. Save money by choosing a full-service agent so there are no surprises. If you choose to sell without making repairs, consider offering credit for buyers to renovate as they see fit.

Sell To A Professional PA Buyer

Working with a professional seller such as the team at Quick Cash Philly will allow you to sell your house quickly and for a great price.

Sell My House In Abington PA

Sell your house in Abington PA. Quick Cash Philly, home buyers in Pennsylvania who pay cash for houses in Abington PA. We’ll work with you to make the process as simple as possible, making sure you don’t even have to spend a dime. We can eliminate that stress and give you the peace of mind that comes with knowing your property hassles are completely done.

We’re ready to buy your Abington PA house so you can sell without spending a dime! Contact us today to learn more! (267) 225-6260

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